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The next generation outboards are here! Tougher, lighter, and more powerful, Yamahas outboard performance is like no other. Prepare for those rough waves and strong tides when navigating through the ocean with top of the line Yamaha outboards. Our reliable outboards include rapid acceleration, excellent control, and high momentum maneuvering.


When setting off against the rough waves and strong tides of the open sea, you’ll need an offshore boat that is just as powerful. While many boats will claim to be capable to take you wherever you want to go, few actually have what it takes. If exploring the vast ocean is what you’re yearning for, the Yamaha V8 F350 is the perfect option for you.

It’s energetic performance, with up to 45% more thrust than 250­horsepower class outboards, delivers what you expect from an offshore boat. Launched in 2007, this boat was way ahead of its time. It is the world’s first 5.3 liter four stroke outboard, unmatched by other competitors of its kind. It was designed to be reliable and withstand the often severe conditions of a marine environment.

Our V8 F350 features all the things marine enthusiasts look for in an offshore boat, combining aspects of both power and performance. Only the highest quality machinery has been used in manufacturing this vehicle in order to support its durability. Its enlarged brackets and motor mounts are specially crafted to control its incredible power and reduce noise caused by vibrations.

Not only does this V8 pack a punch, it also has impressive fuel economy components. For a boat of its size and magnitude, the V8 F350 is one of the most cost efficient on the market, making it an ideal option for individuals who enjoy spending long days out at sea. It averages 31.7 gallons per hour at 6,000 RPM, an astounding rate when compared to its competitors.

If you need to service your Yamaha V8 F350 Offshore Outboard, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

F300F300 / F250 / F225

For a powerful and reliable offshore that sheds some weight off of other, traditional V6 outboards, Yamaha’s V6 4.2L Offshore Outboard is the ideal option for you. Known for its quality results in everything from performance to maintenance, it is no surprise that this offshore is one of Yamaha’s many award winning vehicles.

By taking their V6 engines to the next level in innovation, Yamaha engineers have created a newer, sleeker breed of outboards. For far too long, engineers have believed that putting on the extra pounds was the only way to strengthen and add more horsepower. With these new developments, the truth has finally been unveiled behind that myth.

In achieving class­leading displacement, Yamaha has implemented plasma­fused sleeveless cylinders in order to increase displacement to an astounding 4.2 liters—the leading of it’s class. During this process, engineers found a way to see results while maintaining a light motor, free from unnecessary enlargements to its outer cylinders.

Up to 73 pounds lighter than other V6 competitors, this outboard remains sleek and lightweight while maintaining the speed and dependability Yamaha is known for. As if these features weren’t enough, the V6 4.2L Offshore Outboard is also immensely impressive in its fuel economy capabilities. The 300hp four stroke outboard proved to perform 17% better when compared to other outboards of its kind at 3500 rpm.

If you need to service your V6 4.2L Offshore Outboard, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

F250F250 / F225 / F200

Looking for an offshore outboard that packs a punch with a V6 3.3L four stroke? Search no further! Yamaha introduces the 3.3L V6 Outboard, the ideal vehicle for aquatic lovers looking to explore the open sea with impressive acceleration and speed capabilities. This offshore is so advanced and impressive in its technology that it earned an Editor’s Choice Award from MotorBoating Magazine, as well as a Boating Week Innovation Award.

It is no surprise that this model has gained such attention and popularity. With unbelievable torque and improved combustion efficiency, this offshore stands out from its competitors. And that is only mentioning a few components that make this particular model such well­known, proven performers on virtually any waters, regardless of condition.

Intelligent in design, its individual fuel injectors are located on the inward side of each intake track, protecting it from latches while also saving much needed space. With all of these advances in machinery, one would expect the outcome to weigh down the product. However, the compact design makes for a surprisingly light product that allows for a boost in low and midrange performance.

This outboard’s ultra low emissions are just the icing on an overall appealing offshore option. It meets all federal EPA requirements, rated three stars by California Air Resources Board.

If you need to service your 3.3L V6 Outboard, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

VF250VF250 / VF250X / VF225 / VF200

Do you find yourself seeking a high performance outboard, but are not willing to sacrifice power and fuel economy in the process? Previously, this may have not been attainable in any outboard on the market. Luckily, Yamaha now offers the world’s first 4.2L Super High Output four stroke outboard. This fuel efficient four stroke is increasing the expectations of four stroke’s everywhere.

If you are wondering whether our four stroke can outperform a two stroke, the simple answer is YES! We have worked closely with our designers and engineers to ensure that our 4.2L V6 MAX SHO four stroke can easily compete with two stroke engines of the same horsepower rating. The result is a motor vehicle with superior displacement while being as light or even lighter than virtually any two stroke competitor.

Just a few of the many features that set this outboard apart from its competitors includes:

  • Plasma­Fused Sleeveless Cylinders
  • High Intake Valve Lift
  • Exhaust Pressure Reduction System
  • Direct Drive System
  • High Output Alternator
  • Water Cooled Rectifier/Regulator
  • Command Link System
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Yamaha Diagnostic System

Yamaha always works diligently to ensure that all of its products are crafted intelligently and efficiently. With this 4.2L V6 MAX SHO, you’ll receive everything you expect from a four stroke, plus much more.

If you need to service your 4.2L V6 Max Sho Outboard, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

VF175VF175 / VF150 / VF150X / VF115

A leader in four cylinder outboards, Yamaha’s In­Line Four V MAX SHO leaves its competitors in the mud. With the use of advanced technological features, this model integrates mid range acceleration and efficient operation in order to achieve super-­high output performance. Equipped with 16 valves, electronic fuel injection, overhead cams, and next generation designs, this In­Line has certainly made a name for itself in the motor vehicle industry.

Regardless if your vehicle is a bass, flat, or bay boat, this four stroke will out perform virtually any other of its kind. It delivers the exhilarating performance that anglers crave and the competition admires. Capable of reaching impressive speeds, this outboard leaves previous models in the dust by over 5 mph.

However, those top speeds do not mean Yamaha has sacrificed other crucial features, such as fuel economy. Its award winning design delivers efficient, clean, and smooth performance that is expected from a four stroke. When compared to traditional two strokes, this outboard uses up to 40 percent less fuel.

It may seem unbelievable, but this model remains the lightest DOHC 115HP four stroke on the market despite all of its incredible features. It is even nearly 20 pounds lighter than other two strokes of its kind. This is in part due to the extra space onboard, eliminating the need for an extra oil tank.

With smarter fuel economy, extra space, easy rigging, and superior power and performance, it is no surprise that this outboard is attracting boaters from all around. In 2013, it was awarded an IBEX for its superior design.

If you need to service your In-Line Four V Max Sho Outboard, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

F90F90 / F75 / F70 / F60 / F50 / F40 / F30 / F25

Spending quality time with family and friends on the water is what life is all about. To ensure that your days of fun in the sun are powered properly, it is best to trust a brand that is known for delivering excellence through their expertly designed motor vehicles. Yamaha is just the brand you are searching for! Their versatile, midrange outboards are known to please and exceed the expectations of our customers.

No two models are the same. Each of Yamaha’s midrange outboards are specifically designed for a variety of purposes, delivering the right amount of power for every occasion. Aside from its clean­burning capabilities and reliability, Yamaha’s 2, 3, and 4 cylinder vehicles have much to offer.

  • F90: 16­valve, Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) for incredible acceleration, and Precision Multi­Point Fuel Injection for reliable starts and outstanding fuel efficiency.
  • F75: 16­valve, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) design and Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection for outstanding acceleration and efficiency. Lower horsepower and standard 20 inch shaft, along with all the same advantages as the F90.
  • F70: Weighs up to 80 pounds lighter than other four stroke competitors, 16­valve SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) midrange, superior power­to­weight ratio, and YCOP/Command Link compatible. Ideal for lightweight fishing boats, pontoons and fiberglass boats.
  • F50/F60: Precision Multi­Point Fuel injection and multi­function tiller handle—the perfect addition to your bass or aluminum fishing boat.
  • F40: Versatile four stroke combines power and fuel efficiency with quiet performance and quick starts. Great for skiffs, jons, inflatables and small pontoons.
  • F30: Impressive power and excellent, four­stroke performance. 214 pound, lightweight craft, perfect for use as aluminum fishing boats and inflatables.
  • F25: Compact, midrange option offering responsive power and excellent fuel efficiency. Includes smart engineering conveniences, such as Nitro Assist Tilt for effortless tilt on both electric and manual start tiller models, and PrimeStart system, for reliable, turnkey starts in hot or cold conditions.

If you need to service your Midrange Outboards, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

F20F20 / F15 / F9.9 / F8 / F6 / F4 / F2.5

When setting out on the water long before the sunrises, you’ll want a motor option that is both compact and reliable. Yamaha’s Portable Outboards combine an incredibly light, easy to carry design, with smart innovation and fuel efficiency. For times when you find yourself in need of a portable option that can still take you where you need to go, these outboards are the perfect option. Available in a variety of horsepower, you have the freedom to choose from the F20, F15, F9.9, F8, F6, F4, and F2.5.

Yamaha has made a huge name for themselves in the world of portable outboards. Wondering what makes these outboards so popular? Here are just a few of the incredible features you’ll have access to when purchasing one of these superior options:

  • Streamlined Intake Manifold
  • Long Span Mounting System
  • Oil Separator
  • California C.A.R.B Ultra Low Emissions 3­ star rating
  • Thermostatic Controlled Engine Temperature
  • CDI Microcomputer
  • Built­in Fuel Filter
  • Cast Iron Camshaft
  • Electric Start
  • Water­sealed exhaust
  • Built­in See­through Fuel Tank
  • Dynamically Balanced Tiller Handle

These portables truly live up to their name, weighing in at as little as 37 pounds! Built­in front and rear carry handles add the extra features ideal for conveniently taking these models out on your adventures. 5­Step Trim Adjustment and 3­Step Shallow Water Drive System maximizes these models’ maneuverability, making it the most efficient, pintsized powerhouses on the market.

Fun fact: Yamaha’s portables travel such an unbelievable distance on one gallon of gas that one of them actually made it into the Guinness Book of World Records! It still holds the record at 67.27 continuous miles on one gallon of gas, an incredible feat for the company.

If you need to service your Portable Outboards, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

T60T60 / T50 / T25 / T9.9

When setting out for a day on the sea, you can never be 100% certain of what to expect. The “perfect day” may vary from person to person, but there’s only one way to ensure that you’re ready for anything nature may throw your way. Yamaha’s collection of High Thrust four strokes are your sure fire way of ensuring your outboard will always be prepared to meet your needs. These models contain horsepower that can range from T9.9 to T60, a full range of high thrust available at your disposal.

Yamaha High Thrust outboards are well-known for having an array of advantages that attract fishers and boaters of all kinds. Some of these factors include:

  • Powerful Thrust: These feisty four strokes serve up twice the thrust of comparable two strokes in the 2000-­3000 RPM range.
  • Maximum Thrust: Equipped with its large diameter and dual thrust propellers, exhaust is redirected from the propeller in order to harness its full power.
  • Convenience and Control: Ergonomic control and easy engine flushing makes this high thrust outboard the ideal choice for many boaters. Compatible with the award winning, Multi-Function Tiller Handle, shifting is made easier than ever before.

Yamaha’s unique engineering is what makes their products so durable and appealing to individuals from all parts of the world. Innovation solutions and features keep these models at the cutting edge of boating technology. There is a reason why so many customers choose to rely on Yamaha outboards year after year.

If you need to service your High Thrust Outboards, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.

F150F150 / F115 / F90 / F60 / F40

Whether you are hoping to explore and take on the rocky bottom of a river or the shallow water of a lake, Yamaha’s Jet Drive four stroke outboard is prepared to handle virtually any environment. While a propeller driven outboard may not be equipped to handle rapids, sandbars, or shoals, this outboard is specially crafted to go where no other outboard has gone before. This is made possible through the Jet Drive’s propeller-free design.

This Jet Drive Outboard contains many special features that many other outboards on the market do not. Some of these features include:

  • Compact 10mm Offset Crankshaft
  • Long Track Induction System
  • Twin Balancer Shafts
  • Reverse Gate Mechanism
  • Electronic Multi-point Fuel Injection
  • Stainless Steel Impeller
  • SST Drive Shafts/Steering Tube
  • Direct Drive System
  • Freshwater Flush
  • Multi Charge Monitoring System
  • Spin On Oil Filter
  • Nitro Assist Tilt

With incredible maneuverability and excellent fuel efficiency, choosing the Jet Drive as your go-to outboard is a no brainer. You can maneuver around seamlessly with the absence of a gearcase or propeller below the hull. This factor sets this outboard apart and breaks through the limits set by traditional, propeller driven outboards.

As if these fantastic factors weren’t enough, this outboard is also ultra quiet and maintains surprisingly low emissions. They are C.A.R.B (California Air Resources Board) three-star rated and meet all EPA requirements.

If you need to service your Jet Drive Outboards, contact Worldwide Marine Distributors at 305.278.2188 or click here.


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