Yamaha Mechanical Remote and Digital Electronic Controls set the standard for operator comfort, convenience and flexibility. Their intuitive, ergonomic designs allow for virtually effortless, one-hand control of throttle and shift functions, and allow for surprisingly easy command of hundreds of horses.

Command Link Plus Digital Electronic Controls

These smart, ergonomic, drive-by-wire controls allow for effortless single-, twin-, and triple-engine control, one-hand operation of both throttle and shift functions and provide a separate trim control button for each outboard.

  • Command Link Plus - Single Binnacle ControlYamaha-Boat-Controls
  • Command Link Plus Flush-Mount Binnacle
  • Command Link Plus Triple Binnacle Control
  • Command Link Plus Twin Binnacle Control

For multiple-engine applications, these controls feature automatic engine RPM synchronization. Commanding hundreds of horses doesn’t get much easier than this.