The Helm Master introduces Yamaha’s fully integrated boat control system. Helm Master brings the advantages of digital technology to every facet of operation, from easy maneuvering in the marina to cruising with command on the water. Rigging and controls are tuned precisely for your application, so that Helm Master makes driving your large offshore boat feel like second nature.

HelmMasterDigitally Integrated

  • Flexible, streamlined rigging
  • Enhanced binnacle control
  • High-definition LCD screen
  • Electronic steering
  • Electronic ignition panel
  • Theft-deterrent system
  • Innovative joystick

Custom Built

For when you need maximum control over your boat’s big power, the Helm Master is the best option. Compatible with In-Line F200 outboards in twin configurations and V8 F350B and 4.2L V6 Offshore model outboards in twin, triple or quad-engine configurations. It is calibrated to your specific vehicle, offering flexibility and more features than you could ever image.

Fine-Tuned Maneuvering

Its steering friction increases as you accelerate and decreases as you decelerate. If you would like to maximize maneuverability, the number of turns from lock to lock can be adjusted.

Sync Your Outboards

Regardless of the amount of outboards on your rig, Yamaha allows you to control them all on one convenient switch panel. With just a swipe of the RFID key fob and press of the “All Start”, multiple engines can be engaged simultaneously.

Automatic Efficiency

To shut off your engine after one hour of inactivity, you just need to simply enable the Auto-Off Timer. This can be very helpful when attempting to preserve energy, especially for those moments when an anticipated short trip is delayed and you forget to shut off the engine.

Built-In Security

When you own one of Yamaha’s exclusive outboards, you need an effective theft-deterrent system to keep it guarded. Docking and locking is easier than ever before with this built-in security system. Not only will it keep your outboard protected, but it is also quick and simple. With just the swipe of your RFID key fob, your ignition and fuel injection systems will disable on command.

Every component is engineered to maximize the performance of your offshore boat. Expert controls help you maneuver and dock easily and quickly. Effortless command is just one of the many advantages of utilizing the Helm Master.

Enhanced Binnacle Control

For proper operation and management of all major functions of your outboard, the Helm Master has you covered. With very simple controls, you can:

  • Manipulate the speed
  • Control throttle
  • Trim all of your engines
  • Select your center engine