When out on the open waters, the amount of peace you feel is truly priceless. Our incredibly resourceful and highly experienced team wants to make sure your comfort is maximized in every aspect. Our mechanical controls are made out of only the best and most preserving quality materials. Their brilliantly impeccable design allows for the most convenient boating experience. Experience what it's like to have the smoothest control functions with our products today.

Available in Stylish Chrome or Standard Painted finishes, these mechanical remote controls allow for effortless, one-hand operation of up to three outboards, at the same time. Their intuitive designs place a thumb-operated, engine trim/tilt switch comfortably on the handle, and feature easily accessible neutral warm-up controls and externally adjustable throttle friction.

Controls are available in top-mount binnacle, flush side-mount or side-mount styles to fit the space and application.

  • 703 Side-Mount Remote ControlTwin-Station-Kit
  • 704 Premium - Twin Binnacle Control
  • 704 Premium - Single Binnacle Control
  • 704 Standard - Single Binnacle Control
  • 704 Standard - 6X3 Flush Mount Control